Simple Website Design Tips To Increase Conversion Rate

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Website is the most important marketing tool, it is your virtual office where you can showcase your products, gain leads and it provides you platform through which your visitors can contact you. It increases the credibility of your business.

Keeping this in mind that how important website is, we have some points which you and the website designing companies should never ignore.

If these elements of Website design are checked properly, it will boost the conversion rate of your website.

Focus on Visual Hierarchy

All the sections of your website are not equally important. There are certain sections on which you want the visitor should focus more. That particular section should be designed catch using bold and big font size, highlighting that section and using more attractive images.

Proper Image

According to research, it is found that visual content makes 90% more impact than text content. Hence it is important that you choose a proper image for your website that represents your brand and suits your website's tone. High-resolution image with bigger size proves to be catchier.

Proper use of White spacing

Proper use of white spacing makes the website clean, clear and less crowded hence making the website user-friendly. Proper space between the images and texts makes the texts more readable and sections more clear hence making your visitor gather more of your website and that is what you exactly want.

Clear Navigation

A good navigation includes everything from menu, breadcrumbs, search boxes, filter, tabs, blocks, etc. A clean and clear navigation makes your website user-friendly and easy to navigate thus making your visitor spend more time on your website. Using sticky or fixed menus is also a great help, it reduces the pain of scrolling up each time to access the menu.

Good Call to Action

Call to action plays an immense role in website and its marketing. A well placed CTAs with proper presentation and punch a line does wonder in conversion rate. A good CTA has a right color scheme, with appropriate design and a punch line to catch the visitor's attention.

CTA’s should be placed in every page which gives visitors the opportunity to contact you easily and that may lead to an eventual conversion.

The bottom line is that these elements if included in website help in increasing its conversion rate, hence if you don’t want to miss out your potential customers make sure your website has the above-discussed element.

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