How to select a domain name for your website?

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With the growing trend of online business irrespective of its type and size, there has been a lot of competition in the market. To stand tall among their competitors business owners are focusing a lot on their Website Designing and Development and its Digital Marketing. But one thing where they are lagging behind is in the selection of Domain Name.

Many of you might think, is the domain name worth for such a brainstorming. The answer to it is YES.

First impression

Your website URL is the first thing which is noticed. A website URL with a good domain name will leave a long lasting positive impression while a bad domain name may make your visitor bounce back. They may not even hit the URL.

Brand Identity

A domain name defines a brand. It is the domain name through which your brand is recognized in the online market.

Effects on SEO

A Keyword in domain name helps in increasing the SEO ranking of the domain.

So, these were few of the major roles domain name plays.

Now, Let us focus on how to choose a domain name.

It should represent your brand

The domain name should be unique and should compliment your brand like it should represent who are you and what you do. For example, If your brand is some offer or coupon related it should be named as coupondunia, couponraja etc. which helps to recognize the brand in a much better way.

Keep it Short

According to studies the domain length straight away affects the popularity of domain. In addition to this short and simple domain name avoids misspelling and mistyping of a domain.

Easy to Pronounce

The domain name should be easy to come on tongue. It becomes easier to share the domain name with friends and potential customers through word of mouth.

Target your Area

Its good to include city name, state name or country name in the domain, if your business is local based. It helps the local customers to find you more easily. For ex: for room rent website of Jaipur city. Domain name for the specific country and continent like .in, .asia is also good for local based business.

Say No to Hyphen and Numbers

Domain name should be as simple as possible. Hyphen and numbers create confusion and make the domain complex. For example, people can get confused between 4 or “four”. In the case of hyphen lets take an example of makemytrip or make-my-trip, obviously, the first one is easy to remember and thus easy to communicate further.

Consider using keywords

Try to use keywords in the domain, it helps in increasing SEO ranking. Keywords at beginning of the domain name servers better. But don’t over stuff the domain name with keywords to make it complicated and hard to memorize.

Prepare yourself to marry your domain name

While selecting domain name you should consider the idea of long-term relationship with it. Once kept its not easy to change, changing domain name effects all the SEO work done till date decreasing the website ranking and thus decreasing the brand identity. Therefore its wise to select some general terms like if you have a cloth selling website, don’t restrict its domain name to clothing, may be in future you would like to sell some other stuff too.

It should be memorable

Thousands of new domain names are registered every day. To stand out amongst them you have to be unique, simple and catchy so that once it comes to someone, they won't ever forget it.

Legal aspect

Few domain names are trademarked and copyrighted by companies. Once you have decided your domain name, make sure that they are not one of them, to avoid legal issues.

Check Availability on Social Media Sites

For building brands on social media, its important that the desired domain name is also available on social media, therefore you should check this before purchasing a domain name. For example, should be available.

Brand enhancement and protection

It’s a good idea to purchase your desired domain name with more than one popular domain extensions and with spelling near to your domain name so if in case anyone misspells or write domain with the wrong extension it can be redirected to your original website/domain name.

Use domain extension which best suits you

Its always not easy to get a short domain name in case of .com, in that case, you can switch to other popular domains like .org or .net. If that too not works you can try for a new domain name or you can go for a domain which is more specific to the type of your business. Like .edu in the case of any educational website, .me in the case of blogs or personal site, .photography in the case of photography sites.

To sum up, Along with website designing and development, Domain name has a major role in increasing your business online, therefore its necessary to give a complete thought on above points before purchasing a one.

Hope the article proves to be helpful for you. Don’t forget to get back to us on every Monday and Friday for more interesting and informative articles.

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